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Work with Me

“If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it.”

- Margaret Fuller


How We Work Together

No matter where you live, I can help you craft a winning proposal, a highly acceptable manuscript, a well-written and researched crash book, or a fascinating article—on deadline. It starts with an initial meeting to discuss your idea and strategize how best to organize it. After that I like to have regular meetings with clients, either on the phone or in person, depending on your location. Ideally, I like to spend some one-on-one time with you so I can capture your voice. I can travel but have written many books via telephone and Internet. In fact, my clients live all across the country and the world. After meeting and gathering notes, I start to write—providing you with drafts of chapters or sections, which we work on until we are both happy.

Most often my clients already have an agent and sometimes even a publisher. However, that is not always the case. If you don’t have representation and we work together, it means I think your idea is a good one since I do not like to waste my time or your money on a book I do not think will sell. If you do not have a literary agent, I can facilitate introductions to reputable agents who may be interested in selling your work

Proposal Development

Book proposal writing is an art as much as it is a science. Working closely with you, your company, or your organization, I help develop your idea or brand into a concept a publisher will be interested in. That includes writing a winning proposal in your distinct voice, a well-organized table of contents and compelling sample material written in your voice or a voice that best represents your brand.


If you have a book deal or a publisher is already interested in publishing your book, I can write the book with or for you—in your distinct voice and with your unique point of view—with or without cover credit depending on the particulars of the project.

Editing/Book Doctor

If you have already written a book (or proposal) and it needs work, I can edit, rewrite, and ready it for sale, or for acceptance and publication.

“Crash” Books

If you are a publisher who wants to bring a topical book to market quickly, I can and have written on tight deadlines.


If you are working on a book idea and would like specific advice on how to organize it and make a convincing case for it my written analysis and one hour telephone consultation will provide you with targeted information that you can use to proceed on your own. Hourly fees apply.

Group Instruction

I can provide step-by-step seminars on effective proposal writing to your business, group, or organization.

Recipe Development and Testing

If you need help developing, perfecting or testing recipes, or writing recipes for publication in a cookbook, I can help in my professional-level kitchen or yours.


I am an experienced professional and therefore, I do not work “on spec.” I charge standard industry fees for proposals. If we collaborate on a book, I normally take an agreed-upon percentage of the advance and royalties. My literary agent negotiates these fees and terms.

Writing and “doctoring” fees are set on a per-project basis, as are crash projects.  The fee for seminars varies depending on the venue and number of sessions you would like (i.e., one basic session or multi-part sessions that leads the group through the entire process, from idea to completed proposal). Recipe development is charged on a per-recipe basis. Consulting fees are charged at an hourly rate, with a minimum of two hours.

Please contact my literary agent Madeleine Morel or me for more information.

Disclaimer: There is no guarantee that any proposal will sell to a publisher.

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