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"I’m fortunate to have worked with Karen Kelly, whose dedication and editorial expertise supported me throughout the writing of this book."

— Sally Susman

Chief Corporate Affairs Officer, Executive Vice President, Pfizer

“I’m forever grateful to Karen Kelly, my writing partner, for her keen insight and ongoing support to bring my stories to life."

— Karen S. Lynch

CEO, CVS Health


“Karen Kelly successfully concentrated all of our wild ideas, and was our eyes and ears throughout the project.”

— Jonathan and Drew Scott

The Property Brothers

“Karen Kelly, after hours of listening, always makes me sound smarter than I am.”

— Jon Taffer

Host of Bar Rescue, Hospitality Professional, and Author


“I personally want to thank Karen Kelly, who without a doubt is the most talented writer and researcher I have ever had the opportunity to work with.  Karen has the incredible ability to make the most difficult subjects easy to understand.  You meet very few professionals in your lifetime; Karen Kelly is one of the few. I am sincerely grateful for all of her hard work.”

— Frank Abagnale

FBI consultant, Author of "Catch Me If You Can," and Crime Expert

“I am most appreciative of Karen’s adroit organization of and thoughtful improvements...Karen is the best professional writer I have ever had the pleasure of working with, and she has a synergistic mind and harmonious soul that is a beauty to behold.

— Martine Rothblatt

Lawyer, Technologist, Medical Ethicist, Pharmaceutical Executive, Human Rights Advocate, and LGBTQ Icon


“Karen is a joy to work with.”

— Tamara Day

Designer, Real Estate Investor, and Host of HGTV's Bargain Mansions

"My literary agent Gail Ross introduced me to the extraordinarily talented and lovely writer, Karen Kelly, who—somehow, someway—was able to take all my dispersed and disjointed ideas and turn them into beautiful prose.  Karen has been my thought partner, creative collaborator, researcher, and reality checker since the get-go.”

— Pauline Brown

Former Chairman North America for LVMH, Educator, Author, and SiriusXM Radio Host

“Karen Kelly has done a herculean job of keeping up with perhaps the fastest-paced industry the world has ever seen."

— Sam Schwartz

Former Commissioner of Traffic for the City of New York, Author, Transportation Consultant

“I would like to deeply thank Karen Kelly, who worked tirelessly—your patience and support is amazing.”

— Danny Danon

Former Israeli UN Ambassador, Former Deputy Speaker of the Knesset, and Former Israeli Deputy Minister of Defense

“It’s been a pleasure to have a writing partner on this journey, Karen Kelly. For all the things that my ADHD prevented me from doing, you stepped up time after time. Thank you.

— Peter Shankman

Serial Entrepreneur, Founder of HARO, Author, and Podcast Host

“Karen Kelly, my editor, teacher, and friend: thank you for being my teammate in this process, for your guidance, and for your support.  I am so grateful to you.  It’s been an honor.  Thank you for getting me and “getting it” before there were even words on the page. You are the best!"

— Amy Kurtz

Health and Patient Advocate, Author, and Wellness Coach

“My co-writer, Karen Kelly, worked tirelessly."

— Ronn Torossian


“To Karen Kelly, for helping give form to my ideas and philosophy on the written page, and for being a wise pal while always ready to share a good laugh."

— Sherrie Mathieson

Style and Fashion Consultant, Speaker, and Author

“Karen Kelly, a special thanks to you for doing such a great job capturing my voice and organizing my thoughts on paper.  You brought things out of me that I don’t think anyone else could have.”

— Barbara Kavovit

Real Estate Developer, Speaker, DIY Expert, and Mayoral Candidate for New York City

“This book would not have been possible without my writing partner, Karen Kelly.”

— Celerie Kemble

Interior Designer and Author

“Karen Kelly, my angel, who helped me compile all of my knowledge and get it into words. Without you this book would have little color. It has been a dream to work with you."

— Karl Champley

Builder and Carpenter, HGTV Host, Author, and Radio Host

“Karen Kelly…is an exceptional and talented professional who helped my my books possible and expertly supported me in my creative endeavors.”

— Vern Yip

Designer, HGTV Host, and Author

“Karen Kelly is the gift that keeps on giving!"

— Laurie David

Film Producer, Environmentalist, and Author

“Karen Kelly did an amazing job helping me to write this book and was a constant source of inspiration and ideas. I couldn’t have pulled it off without her.”

— J. Douglas Bremner, MD

“After two attempts at an outline [my agent] told me I needed professional help and introduced me to my left brain, a talented and determined freelance editor Karen Kelly. Karen not only helped me organize this book, she told me when I was funny (“I just snorted coffee through my nose.”), when I was boring (“What the hell are you talking about here?”), and when I was redundant (“In this paragraph you use the pronoun ‘I’ 27 times.”). She is one of the most patient people I know.”

— Nina DiSesa

Chairman of McCann Erikson, New York

“Thank you to Karen Kelly, who ‘got’ our voice and understood our message from the first meeting, and then translated it beautifully on the page. We would not have this book without her.”

— Terrence Noonan and Marta Tracy

TV Producers

“The wonderful writer Karen Kelly…beautifully translated my philosophies, concepts, and ideas into the written word. I give special thanks. Her insight and enthusiasm have made this book not only possible, but a very rewarding and memorable experience for me as well. I could not have done it without her.”

— Randolph Duke

Award-Winning Fashion Designer

“Karen Kelly’s…patience and motivation has kept me focused. Dearest Karen, thank you for your flow and non-stop diligence. You are the true backbone of this book. I revere you.”

— Lorri Goddard Clark

Hollywood and Celebrity Hair Colorist

“Karen, I invited you into my sometimes hectic, a little crazy, but always interesting world and you have represented me, the nature of my business, and my philosophy beautifully. I cannot thank you enough!”

— Janis Spindel

Owner of Janis Spindel Serious Matchmaking

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